QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment)

The Company has defined its quality policy through the application of the Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Standard having three main objectives:

  1. always keep the level of satisfaction of stakeholders, customers and partners high
  2. facilitate the participatory and sharing process among its people, in particular of employees and collaborators;
  3. carry out any assessment based on objective evidence and in compliance with the rules and regulations in use.

Administrators, employees and collaborators are committed every day to pursuing corporate objectives through the research and development of contracts for the provision of high quality and innovation services.

Identification of risks for workers

The Safety Policy recognizes the protection of health, safety and the environment while carrying out its activities as a primary value. It is the will of the company to promote all initiatives aimed at eliminating the risks and causes that can generate dangers for the safety and health of its personnel as well as those present in the various operating areas.

The objectives to which the company attaches the utmost importance are:
  • prevention of exposure to risks during the performance of all operating activities, based on the principle that all accidents and injuries can be prevented;
  • compliance with the law and the application of stricter standards where necessary;
  • the protection of the health of its employees and those who may be affected by the performance of operating activities;
  • safeguarding against possible damage to corporate and third party properties;
  • prevention of environmental effects that may be caused by the activity carried out.
The company aims to achieve these objectives through:
  • an effective level of training and continuous training of employees in relation to health, safety and environmental issues;
  • the use of an effective corporate communication system on health, safety and environmental issues to ensure the information of all those involved in corporate activities;
  • the availability of adequate human, technical and financial resources;
  • the clear and precise definition of the roles, duties and responsibilities of employees in relation to health, safety and environmental issues;
  • continuous updating of the management system;


The model on which the company is based is that of training as the development of skills and knowledge in professional matters, with a careful and ready look to interpret and manage and develop people’s skills.
This model will allow us to build the future and growth of people and companies.


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