The Italian Medicines Agency has authorized the marketing of the COVID-19 Comirnaty vaccine, developed by BioNTech and Pfizer.


We have available, just ten months after the publication of the genome sequences of the virus, a vaccine against COVID-19 with a very high efficacy, around 95%, and another 5-6 are in the pipeline.


In addition to authorizing their marketing and reimbursement for all by the NHS, AIFA has provided for an information and communication program on vaccines for COVID-19, starting from a series of answers to the most frequently asked questions , already available on the AIFA website.


“The anti covid vaccine, also called Comirnaty, is approved for the entire population over the age of 16, has no absolute contraindications and no special precautions are required for specific subpopulations such as the elderly, immunosuppressed or subjects with coagulation disorders and bleeding risks . There are no contraindications even for pregnant and lactating women ».


December 27 was European vaccination day, a symbolic event that makes us feel part of a wider community, in the context of a global pandemic and that inaugurates the mass vaccination campaign that will take place across Europe.


we await developments.