In this scenario of confusion, the state of emergency has been extended and is still in force; employers and employers must increase the level of diligence adopted.
The continuation of production activities can in fact take place only in the presence of conditions that ensure adequate levels of protection for the people who work. Failure to implement the Protocol that does not ensure adequate levels of protection determines the suspension of the activity until the safety conditions are restored.
The Protocol provides for the obligation to inform workers and anyone entering the company about the provisions of the authorities and the measures taken by the company itself. The procedures for allowing access to company offices are also established.
Instructions are provided to ensure daily cleaning and periodic sanitization of the workplace. Information is provided to ensure personal hygiene and the use of PPE made available by the employer. Information is provided on the company organization with the forecast of shifts, limitation of travel and reshaping of production levels.
“Company management” is regulated in the event of the presence of a symptomatic person and the roles of the competent doctor and the workers’ safety representative are increased and intensified.